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Lin Yao (Beijing Tai Chi / Qigong Master)

"Only Way to Reach the Top Qigong Level is Qigong Meditation."
"One idea is one Qigong Method."
"No one else can help you as much as yourself."
"The more imagination you have, the more internal energy you will create."

-Master Lin Yao

Master Lin Yao, the president of Yaolin Tai Chi Qigong Learning Center, after 28 years researching and practicing, developed the unique new Yinyang theory and the powerful meditation methods which allow everyone at any physical condition, be able to practice high level Qigong. - Students can quickly gain the ability to control vital energy of life and nature, bring the happiness, good health, success and a positive attitude to themselves, their families, and others.

What a miracle!

Over 90% of the students obtained special abilities such as constructing Chi energy field, or sending energy over distance for healing and defense. People who have had health problems have been greatly improved or completely cured after practicing Yaolin Qigong.

Thousands of students are now practicing Yaolin Qigong for healing as therapists, or teaching Tai Chi and Qigong as instructors. They have been helping many patients to gain back their good health and happy life. Many of the patients were the ones the regular doctors and hospitals could not help with modern science knowledge and advanced medicines.

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Meditation audio tapes:

- quick method to emit energy for healing and defense

Tai Chi, Qigong, Acupressure and diabetics healing DVD's and Video tapes - Buy 4 get 2 free!

Qigong and acupressure healing

Class at Rochester

Audio Tapes

Let YaoLin Qigong instruction tapes help you to understand the high level Qigong Meditation ideas, with these 9 areas of achievement:

1. Emit Energy - Principles and Concepts.
2. Pursue and maintain good health - Longevity.
3. Chi sensations - Wisdom Meditation.
4. Apply the "5 opening energies" - Healing.
5. Protection - Defense and Punishment.
6. Open body energy channels - Dragon Crane.
7. / 8. Use of maximum brain functions / Success.
9. Imagination expansion / Love and Happiness.

How to practice Yaolin Qigong?
Easy! Relax your body, close your eyes, listening to Master Yao's instructional tapes. That's all!

You are in an energy world created by your thoughts, with no limits in space, time, dimension, speed, or form. Making movies in your mind, you are practicing Qigong.

To practice Qigong at a subconscious state is one of the outstanding features of Yaolin Qigong. Many successful high level Qigong practitioners have gone through this step to gain their special abilities. Master Yao's meditation tapes will guide you step by step in this state, gain the special ability, and then lead your thought back to the real world again. At the subconscious state, all the connections to the real world will be ceased. Only Master Yao's voice will still be able to give the Qigong message and instructions.

After learning all the Yaolin Qigong concepts and skills, you can practice and apply your energy to the real world. That is a higher level, meditate with a clear mind, control the energy with your will power.

1. The principles and concepts tapes will teach you the new Yin Yang theory, you will learn how to create the energy body and energy world. You will know the 14 important concepts for high level Qigong practice, and the four secrets to emit energy over distance. (2 tapes)

2. The longevity tape will guide you to practice the brain energy transformation, connection, and communication, the irresistible power of magical thinking. You will be able to produce the material form of Chi energy for longevity, connect to health energy, also happy and loving energy with nature and other people. You will reach the highest Chi level that only a handful of people can reach in the 5000 year long Qigong history, that is the time leaking skill, in Chinese it is called Low-Jing-Tong. (1 tape)

3. The wisdom meditation tape will let you experience the Chi sensations, practice the wisdom energy, collect energy from the universe, let the energy body travel in different dimensions, space and time. Your energy body can change to different form, size and shape. (1 tape)

4. The healing tapes will teach you how to use your special ability to help yourself or other people, eliminate health problems in a special dimension, using many secret skills and the highest level Chi power. (2 tapes)

5. The defense and punishment tape will teach you how to create the defense Chi energy to protect yourself and your loved ones. You will learn how to create a negative energy world for bad guys and punish the criminals with the high level Chi power. (1 tape)

6. The Dragon Crane tape contains the powerful movement instructions and the meditation ideas required for emitting strong energy, which can open the body energy channels instantly and connect your energy to the universe energy. (1 tape)

7, 8, 9. The Tai Chi Qigong tapes:
Guide the universe energy flow with your own Chi power.
Construct the energy field, see the aura light, observe energy pictures, while practicing 24 form and 88 form Tai Chi in your mind, use the special ability to pursue success, love and happiness. (4 tapes)

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DVD's or Video Tapes

1. 24 Form Tai Chi and freeform (53 minutes)
Easy to follow step by step training. Instructs you on how to balance the body with basic as well as advanced gentle movements that will improve your health condition with each progressive section.
The Freeform in this tape is exposed to the public the first time, having been missed from the 400 year Tai Chi history since it was created, which can give you strong internal power and skills for application in defense.

2. 88 Form Tai Chi and freeform (58 minutes)
More advanced forms, and practice to expand the strength, knowledge and capabilities that bring you to the next level of mastering.
Pushing hands in this tape demonstrates, and teaches the release of tent ion created by opposing forces, enhance your internal strength.
This practice simulates divisional fighting in real life.

3. Flying Crane Qigong (additional: 8 sections of Brocade) (1 hour 5 minutes)
Master Lin Yao's proven philosophy: You can get the most benefit from the popular Qigong styles. Master Lin Yao teaches the traditional Qigong with strong meditation ideas, you will combine movement with mental concentration, this exercise can instantly open the energy channels.

4. Fragrance Qigong (additional: six healing sounds) (1 hour 7 minutes)
Another popular Qigong style which is an exercise that repeats simple movements again and again in certain frequency. This style will help you get into a very special routine to create the maximum biophysical energy.

5. Qigong and Acupressure Healing (59 minutes)
One of the important ways to create strong Chi energy is Acupressure.
Combines Qigong and Acupressure technique, this tape will teach you to clean the impure energy and replace it with good energy. Certain illness cannot be cured by Qigong method alone, physical pressure at certain energy points may dramatically heal disease that conventional medicine has failed to overcome.
You will learn to find the points that can release bad energy and the points which can create good energy.

6. Iron Qigong for diabetic healing: In 1996, master Lin Yao start searching for a Qigong exercise to treat diabetic patients. He succeeded. The Iron Groin Qigong method he uses can dramatically heal the diabetes. For the people with no illness, this powerful method can firmly prolong the life span. People with any other health problems, it can bring you huge surprising results.
Up to August 31, 2006, Over 2300 people have practiced this method, 90% of them have been completely cured or greatly improved. Most patients feel a huge change in just one week. They feel stronger, younger, and pain-free. With increased energy, a return of muscle mass. They also start to regain their sex life, and can drink and eat like a normal person again. You can watch your sugar level drop and maintain an excellent, healthy range as you practice.
This tape will also teaches you many skills to prevent and treat complications, such as the stomach acid flush, heart disease, the weaken Immune system, muscle loss, Constipation, Back pain and the brain stroke.

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Mr. LinYao
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Qigong & Acupressure Healing

Personal appointments with master Lin Yao including:

Qigong and Acupressure Healing

This is a combination of Qigong and Acupressure technique.
Master Lin Yao will clean impure energy and emit good energy for you, locate and press hundreds of acu points repeatedly, adjust the body condition, promote physical well being.

This unique method is good for:

* Target exercise for diabetic healing
* Releasing Chronic pain and illness
* Physical movement difficulty
* Weight loss
* Vitality and depression
* Internal organ dysfunction


1. Student loses 7 lbs. in one week after first healing session, and lost a total of 40 lbs. after three sessions.
The theory of losing weight is simple, Chi flows when channels open, the blood circulates better when Chi flows. Then, the weight will be reduced.

2. Patient Experienced severe headaches after a spinal cord operation due to loss of spinal fluid, extreme pain prevented him from walking but after one session was able to walk again.

3. Patient experienced pain all over the body, went to many other therapists and was only able to prevent pain for 1/2 - 2 hrs.
During Master Yao's healing session, Master Yao released the pain by pressing certain acupressure points, and also emitted energy into his lower stomach. Master Yao localized the cause of the pain as a disjunction of the colon, therefore the patient was able to recover completely from pain.

4. Chinese student was in a car accident and was bed ridden two months, after two weeks healing sessions was able to walk again.

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Before ---------------> After
Example: Audrey lost 80 lbs. after Learning Qigong and Tai Chi